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Lost in her deep blue eyes!
Healthy and beautiful cats need their daily dose of fresh air!
Always nice with a guide in the "wilderness"!
Exercise in the garden sharpens our kitten's senses!
Are you my new mommy?
Time for a nap!
Mark my words fly: You're gonna die!
Look what I can "auntie Sille"!
Fun in the yard!
Look! A Spider!
Can you find me?
Enjoying life on the porch!


Vedel's Siamese, with over 30 years of experience, is dedicated to breeding sweet tempered, healthy and good looking Siamese cats of pure lines, that will make wonderful companions.

Siamese cats will fill your lives with joy, because it simply is impossible to not laugh at their eternal pranks and quirks.

These cats actively participate in everything the family is doing, from simply reading the newspaper to making the bed.

And they only do it to help!

About Vedel's Siamese

Our Cattery

Marianne and Søren Vedel
Marianne and Søren Vedel, have made Siamese cats a part of their lives for more than 30 years. Certified by Felis Danica, Vedel's Siamese cattery upholds the highest standards in cat breeding.

Felis Danica Certified

Our Vision

Sara with awards
It is our ambition to continue to support and enhance the pure Siamese lines in Denmark, through a careful breeding procedure, based on a cat's character, beauty and health. A clean approach to find the balance between international standards for the breed and personal taste, contributes to creating sweet tempered cats with impressive pedigrees and impressive beauty.

Our Facilities

All our female cats live and move throughout the house, we have made cat flaps in the interior doors, so they have free access to the rest. Some of our cats can open the doors, but not all. In summer they are also with us in the garden and on the terrace. The two male cats share their house, enjoying each others company. They have a small guest house to snuggle in, connected to an enclosed garden through a cat door. Thus they are allowed to come in and out of the house freely to get fresh air and exercise. I, Marianne, spend my day between the two houses to make sure my cats are all happy and loved.
CH DK Vedel’s Danae
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Danae is our own little girl, she is very cuddly, playful, and always in a good mood. Danae looks excactly like I'd like a Siamese to look, classical beautiful and with beautiful dark blue eyes. And she's got "the expression". Danae can make the wildest jumps, when we play with "Da bird", Danae and Guinevere are best friends and can play, groom, "fight" and sleep together for hours. Danae is very fond of the kittens, we have in the house, regardless of if they are our own or a new one we are bringing home, she is a super mom and "aunt".

CH DK Vedels Guinevere
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Guinevere is our wonderful little girl, daughter of Mariol's Ofeelia and CH San-Toi's Tchefuncte-of-Vedel. Guinevere is sweet, funny, cheeky, inquisitive, investigative, cuddly and really, really loving, in short "one of our own.". Guinevere has inherited her mom's good temper, she is not afraid of anything.

IC Mariol's Mariol’s Manjara
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Manjara moved in with us in November 2018, she has a wonderful temper, and was "at home" here from day one. Manjara makes us smile so many times every day with all her antics. Manjara has a lot of qualities, and we are delighted, that she could move in with us.

GIC Mariol's Talos
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Talos was born July 21st, 2017. Talos is a beautiful lilac point male. Talos is extremly gentle and loves to snuggle, while I scraths his tummy, he is very calm and loving and incredibly affectionate. Talos lives with Theis, they enjoy each others company inside and outside in the pen. Talos is only available for our own girls.

Theis aka Winnetou's Tyle
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Theis is a big handsome neutered male, he is sweet and gentle. He and Talos are best friends, They enjoy their life together both inside and outside en their pen.

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We love talking about our cats. So if you have any question please ask, and we will help you with anything regarding our cattery and it's four legged residents!

Marianne Vedel
Slågårdsvej 5
DK-4660 Store Heddinge
Tel. +45 20 11 55 88